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Another lazy day. I put up another picture on my Instagram. I think this one's pretty great.
Dsafdg by Youknowwhoitisdude
No one can deny that I'm good looking. I mean, damn! I must be pretty lucky. But... I seem to be underappreciated. I don't pull many likes on my page anymore, and most of my followers are ghosts. So here I sit, playing some Call of Duty. Kyle's gonna head around later, and he thinks that I might be able to get with this chick Kelly he met last week. Not that I doubt that I will. Maybe I should get started on my English Lit homework...

I really need some sort of new angle to get those Instagram likes. I wish something would happen to me...


My eye color changed today. Damn! It looks way more memorable now.
385db322116a60dfa637bdb9d70838ef by Youknowwhoitisdude

I guess I should be happy. Now I don't have to wear contacts anymore. Kyle introduced me to Kelly last night, and we seemed to head it off pretty well. She was totally into me. Or so I thought. She said that I was a great guy, but she needed to wait for me to change... I don't really know what she meant.

In other news, I've started to get a sore throat. Like, really bad. I don't know what it is, but it must be part of some larger sickness, as both my chest and groin/butt area are starting to feel sensitive.


My chest and groin are continuing to grow, and I'm starting to notice some changes facially. Just in general, my face has gotten rounder. When I compared my most recent Instagram posts to others, the difference was striking.
8062b3265a3c4c75be19e163ba45494c by Youknowwhoitisdude

I hadn't really noticed so much, as there are not a lot of mirrors in my dorm. The changes were so gradual that nothing ever felt alien. I'm still losing likes...

If you're wondering why my roomate hasn't said anything, it's because I don't have one. Tyler left a few months into the year, telling me it had something to do with some kind of "greater purpose". I know I'm going off on a tangent.. but I'm starting to remember some things he used to say. Tyler was really into the occult and voodoo, and he was always asking me to join in one of his rituals. One day, I finally said yes. Weird shit went down, dude. I had to give up some blood... I think I blanked out a couple of times, but when I came to, Tyler was gone. He left me a note saying that my destiny would reveal itself in time...


I haven't been outside since Tuesday. All I've been doing is sitting inside and playing videogames. I'm not sure if I can handle whatever is happening to me... Something inside of me is changing! What did Tyler do to me? For the past two days, I've been wracked with awful cramps. Even my shouting has changed. I sound so high pitched when compared to before.


I didn't sleep a wink last night. Throughout the night, my face was changing and shifting, poking and prodding. I looked in the mirror this morning. A different face was staring back at me.
Bgs by Youknowwhoitisdude
I know in this picture I look almost content...but I'm not. Something is going on inside my body and it's starting to affect my mind. I've stopped looking like myself. I have to go outside today.

My legs and arms are changed. They slimmed down entirely, and along with my hands now look incredibly... girly. My ass and chest have continued to swell, so a bra might be in order. I'm dreading the loss of the little guy, and every day it gets harder to pee. I'm basically sitting down now.


I bought myself some suitable clothes for my new body today. My ass and chest have continued to expand to the point where my body is undeniably feminine. I'm starting to get massive headaches.
J,hjjg by Youknowwhoitisdude

I saw Kyle in the street today, and he didn't even recognize me. My old life is slipping away. I can't even think about modeling anymore. I just hope I don't disappear entirely.
What did Tyler do! I'm starting to become someone else... It's the most terrifying experience in my life.


I've managed to calm down somewhat. I've just been laying down, waiting for more things to change. On the TV they're showing a missing persons case... with my face! No one has checked to look here yet. It's as though I'm outside space and time...

I'm liking my new shirt, it fits my new body well. I don't know why, but everything seems like it might turn out okay. I could deal with this.
Asdgh by Youknowwhoitisdude

Wait... what the fuck is happening to me! Why am I thinking like this!

Maybe it will be okay... Maybe whatever comes next is better!

It's fucking with my head... what is going on! Why doesn't anyone come check on me...

My penis is shrinking.


I put on makeup for my stream tonight. Look at how pretty I am!
Bamama by Youknowwhoitisdude

My streams are incredibly popular... I get hundreds of dollars every night from watchers. I'm so grateful.

What the fuck! Why am I thinking thi-maybe I could meet with Tyler tomorrow night and have dinner. I would love that.

I need some serious fucking help. But no one comes in the room.

Maybe I should dress up for Tyler. Then he could take it all off.

My dick is almost entirely gone.


I'm trying outfits for my date with Tyler. I'm so excited to see him again.
Capture by Youknowwhoitisdude
He was always so kind, and handsome. He's the one who showed me true love.

WHY THE FUCK AM I DRESSED UP! What the fuck is happening. Shit shit shit shit I'm going away...

I curled up into a fetal position and pressed my head against my chest. Or tried to. My breasts were right up in my face.

Maybe I should wear a push up bra for Tyler... He'd like that.

Tears are streaming down my cheeks. I check under my panties, (wait, when did I start wearing those)?

There was a vagina between my thighs.

I let out a scream, which began to become laughter as I thought about what me and Tyler would be doing tomorrow night.


I'm all ready for my date with Tyler!
Final by Youknowwhoitisdude
Why am I all dressed up? I look over to the television. For as long as I was conscious, it had been showing the search for me, the missing boy. Suddenly the television switched to that lovely cooking show I watch. A distant thought flew through my brain, but I put it down. I was excited for my date.

Tyler and I will be together forever. Kelly and Tyler, they'll say. The two lovers meant to be.


I remember everything.
DFdsf by Youknowwhoitisdude
My life is gone. Only Kelly exists now. Should I let her live?
I'm considering rewriting Gender Shock. I don't think I wrote it very well and I want to do Anders justice.
This is definitely one of the better TGs on this site. You have flawless writing, and you manage to keep the story paced. The ending is perfect, while still leaving room for more. I'd love to see more of this with some other potion.

In terms of originality, I'd say that while the potion angle has been explored before, this is the first time that someone has made it more familiar, with the potions apparently having been tested before.

I really would like to see a sequel. This is some of the best TG I've seen on this site and I need more!

I had always considered myself good looking. I mean, look at me.
Dsafdg by Youknowwhoitisdude
I was one of those self invented Instagram models, hoping that I could make some money on the side while I worked my way through college. Problem was, I wasn't pulling through with the likes. No one was asking for me to advertise for them, and I couldn't make my big break with this kind of small time modeling! I wish my life could change somehow, so that I could start making money.


Somehow, my eye color changed this morning. They shifted from the pale blue into the standout green yellow, like the contacts I sometimes wore during modeling.


I'm not sure how to feel. I've lost all of my ability to grow facial hair apparently. Maybe that's a good thing? I guess I can't model with a beard now. Well, still, follow me Anders34.


My face seems to have softened. And I think it might be fat. Look:
Agfdgg by Youknowwhoitisdude
I'm still definitely male, but I think I'm starting to look a little bit girly. Whatever. As long as I don't start looking ugly.


I'm starting to notice some changes. First off, my voice has definitely gotten higher. Before I sounded at least like a man. Now I sound... more androgynous. Second, I've started to gain some fat. Specifically in the chest and ass areas. My face has also gotten more girly. I think I could pass as a girl now from the neck up. My hair has started to grow more, and I've started to put it up in a bun. I have to go dye it more and more often now. Looks like modeling is out. Maybe I could try and get some money gaming... I could be a YouTuber. With my voice and face, teen boys would come running to subscribe.


I can't even pretend I look like a guy anymore. My face is completely female. I mean, see for yourself:DFdsf by Youknowwhoitisdude

What could have started this? Good thing is, I'm at least a pretty girl. My chest and ass have continued to gain fat, while my middle seems to be getting toned. My groin is also beginning to get strange. The little guy is getting small. I can tell what's happening now, and I really am dreading it. My hands are looking girly, as you can see.

Good news is that my YouTube channel has managed to grow to about 10,000 in only six days!


My shirts are getting small. See!
Dsasd by Youknowwhoitisdude

I wonder how long it's going to be before I step outside and get something new. It's been a while since I got outside. All I've been doing is uploading videos to YouTube. Slowly but surely I've been getting the hang of makeup. Tomorrow I'm going to have my first livestream with a facecam. Exciting!


Here I am! All dolled up and ready to stream!
Bamama by Youknowwhoitisdude

I don't know why, but for some reason I'm a bit excited! My life has turned around these past couple of weeks. My ass is filling out and my little guy... well, let's just say that he's not around anymore. I'm considering going outside tomorrow. Maybe I'll buy some new clothes... I might go back to Instagram modeling again, but this time as a girl.


I was streaming all night, and managed to make $500 in donations. I should do this more often... Afterwards, I took about a five hour nap. Around 3:00, I went outside for the first time! Wearing some suitably androgynous clothes, I went to the nearest mall and bought myself some nice looking clothes. Look at these!
Capture by Youknowwhoitisdude
You could consider me a full on girl now! My little guy disappeared over night, replaced by my little girl. I need a new name now... I'm no Anders. Maybe Andrea?


The world seems to have changed... No one seems to remember Anders anymore, only Andrea. I went to class for the first time today, and they called out Andrea! No one gave me a strange look or anything... My friends invited me out for a drink tonight. Kyle was taking some stray looks at my assets... I may have to have a word with him.


This is the best night of my life! For some reason, everything seems better now. I might be a little tipsy, but I'm starting to really enjoy being a girl! Wait, Kyle's coming over... He's grabbing my hand... Bringing me outside...


Kyle kissed me that night. I suddenly found that I had feelings for him too. I'm about to go see him later. He also recommended that I start cosplaying, says I have the body for it. Well, it doesn't seem to matter what I do, as both my YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers have skyrocketed into the millions following my little metamorphosis. I'm so damn happy. See you later!

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What am I supposed to do? I can feel the female hormones flooding my system, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to turn Blake away! “Um… I don’t think I can do that right now, Blake. I have… I have to finish packing.”

“Oh, ok.” He sounded disappointed. However, he quickly rushed over and wrote down something on a slip of paper. I felt almost bad that I had rejected him so soundly. He seemed so let down… “Here.” Blake pressed the paper into my hand. “What is this?” I asked. “My number. If you ever wanna call, just give me a ring.” “Oookayy…” I took the paper gingerly and put it in my jean pocket. In the corner I could see Venus making fun of me. Quickly grabbing my phone, wallet and a change of clothes, I stuffed them in one of my old backpacks and started to walk out. “What’s the stuff for?” Blake called from behind. “That’s Cam’s.” Shit! How could I explain… “Umm, he told me to bring him this. Told me he forgot it here.”

“And why does Cam need an extra change of clothes?” Blake said cautiously.

“I don’t know, he just told me to bring it.” I tried to sound nonchalant, but inside I was cursing myself. How could I be so stupid! He must think that I’m screwing my male self! I quickly walked out and shut the door behind myself, too embarrassed to make up another lie. I shivered. Where was I supposed to go?! I couldn’t go to my dorm again, Blake was there. I sure as hell couldn’t go home, because I was still a girl.

“Well, that seemed to go well.” Venus stepped out from behind a corner, smiling ruefully.

“No, it really didn’t. I don’t have a place to stay, and now my roommate wants to date me!”

“I would count the fact that Blake is into you a plus, honey. As for a place to stay, you simply have to ask! I’m a goddess, Katie. I could enroll one of your forms in college here.”

“Yeah, but what about my old life! As Cam! And stop calling me Katie!” I was livid. I didn’t really want to give up my old life. That dumb ring was what got me into this mess!

“Don’t curse the ring, Katie. You were the one who put it on. As for your old life, your family will accept you back as soon as you take off the ring and decide a form. I know that you are tempted to take off the ring now and reunite, but you should really try and think about your decision. Find out more about being a woman. Make some throwaway identities and get loose! You don’t want to have a disadvantage compared to all those other girls out there! Now turn back into your first form and lets enroll you in college!” Damn, Venus was lifting my spirits. So all I had to do was keep on going to college and find out about being a girl to get my family back? Alright! I would give being a girl a shot. Looking at my picture again, I turned myself back into the gorgeous blonde I had been when I first appeared.Gasdf by Youknowwhoitisdude

            Venus snapped her fingers and my surroundings blurred. I found myself sitting in a chair in a new room, this one covered with posters of boys and male models. Turning around, I surveyed the room, twirling my finger in my hair absentmindedly until I realized what I was doing. “Wow, Venus. So this is my dorm?” I was amazed. It was bigger than my old one, and nicer too. It looked like I was alone, which was a plus. As great as Blake had been, he got on your nerves. “Actually, Katie, this is your room.”

“My room?”

“Your room in your sorority house, Alpha Beta Pi.”

Just when I thought Venus was finally doing me a solid, she throws me another curveball.


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